I first wrote about Warby Parker in my article about how to save money on designer glasses. I recently received an email asking for an updated opinion on my glasses and how they’ve held up over time. I replied to the email, but I also figured I should write a quick post in case anybody else was interested.

Firstly, it’s important for me to note that I don’t wear my glasses daily. I typically use them at night when I’m home, and maybe once a week for the entire day. That means I really haven’t put them through the rigors of daily use. However, in my time with my Warby Parker glasses, I can tell you that there’s nothing that makes me doubt their durability over time. The glasses still look as they did when I purchased them and the anti-scratch coating has done its job. I have no scratches on the glasses and they do their job well.

Not only do the glasses still perform well, but they look good. I’ve received a number of comments on my glasses. This is something that I never received with my previous glasses, which definitely weren’t as stylish. A barista at the Starbucks I frequent liked the glasses and the value that Warby Parker provides so much that she purchased her own after I told her where I’d gotten them. Overall, I’d absolutely recommend Warby Park to anybody who wants an affordable pair of designer glasses. They really do look good and they’ve held up well. When I need a new pair I will be purchasing again from Warby Parker.