Costs of Raising a Puppy

Moxi: My Boston Terrier Puppy

Sometimes you have to follow your heart. In this case, following my heart involved getting a puppy. This last weekend not only did I get engaged, but I also purchased a puppy. Her name is Moxi, and she’s a 8-week old Boston Terrier. If I only made decisions with my wallet, there’s no way I’d get a puppy. However, we can’t go through life making every decision based on money. We sacrifice in some aspects of our lives so that we can spend money on the things that matter most. For me, that meant getting a puppy.

The initial price of Moxi was lower than I had expected to pay, mostly because I purchased her from someone who had not intended on having puppies. This motivated seller sold her to me for $600. We of course had to buy a lot of items in order to have her, from a grass pee area, to food and treats, to a crate. Then, only a few days after bringing her into our family, we discovered worms in her poop. It made me think about all of the costs associated with raising puppies and how most owners will do (and spend) just about anything to keep their puppy safe. I remember there being a lack of concrete information on the costs of raising a puppy, so I’ll do my best to keep track of the costs associated with raising my Boston Terrier over time. Based on the costs below, Moxi cost $799 to start.

Entry Cost
$600 Original purchase price
$80 Crate
$19 Leash
$8 Treats
$15 Food
$29 Grass Potty Patch
$17 Chew Toys
$13 Blanket
$10 Towels
$8 Shampoo
$799 Entry Subtotal
$200 De-Worming and Puppy Shots Pack
$175 Spay
$60 Microchip
$35 Initial Pet Registration

$50 additional monthly rent
$20 monthly food
$20 yearly pet registration