Most employers provide holidays and sick days to employees, but what about personal finance days? Most people work hard all week, so when the weekend arrives, the last thing they want to do is sit down and take care of their personal finances. Plus, most financial institutions keep normal working hours, which means they’re open when I’m working and closed when I have time to go there.

I think that employers should look into offering a personal finance day as a sort of vacation day. On this day, company HR could be available to assist with any questions regarding company-related personal finances. You might have questions about upgrading your health insurance policy, or you might want to up your 401k contribution. It’s often too easy to push these things aside when you’re busy. Providing employees with a personal finance day would help get employees to take action on their personal finances, which benefits the employer by ensuring that employees are maximizing their benefits and would help the alleviate the stress of some workers.

Until employers start offering such a holiday, employees should consider using a vacation day to do these activities. You may think you’re wasting a vacation day, but it could just be the best investment you make in your future. Maybe you haven’t been tracking your spending because you keep pushing off setting up your account. Or maybe your bank account has been charging you a monthly fee for the last five months and you just haven’t had time to change banks. Whatever you’ve been pushing off, a personal finance vacation day is what you need.

If/when I am able to take a vacation day (I don’t have any extra vacation right now) I would focus on organizing my personal finances. Particularly, I would organize my personal finance binder. Right now it’s overflowing with random papers that I plan on filing some day. I’d also probably spend some time moving money around to close some accounts. Right now I have nine bank accounts at five different banks. That’s just way too many to keep track of. I could easily survive on just a couple accounts.

What would you do with a personal finance day? Do you think employers should offer such a thing?