Sundays are the perfect day to catch up on reading. Nothing’s better than getting a nice cup of coffee and snuggling with the laptop while you catch up on personal finance blogs, right? Below are some of my favorite articles for the week.

Andrea from Nickel by Nickel renegotiated her utility contracts. Seems simple enough, though I’ve never really done it myself. All she did was call up the companies and tell them she found a better deal elsewhere and they offered her a discount. I always have companies offer me discounts, but usually it’s when I am really canceling and they don’t end up convincing me to stick around. I’ve never done it just to get the discount. I’ll have to try it out sometime.

Ninja, from PunchDebtintheFace, needs help choosing between a safe work option he’d love, or a riskier adventure he may love or hate. I think if I were in his situation I’d go for the safe route, but there are so many factors that really must be considered. Taking a leap when it comes to your career is never an easy move. It’s the reason some people stay in jobs they hate for 20 years.

RetireByForty has some good real estate advice that I need to remember for when I’m looking at a house. I was just looking at mortgages for fun today (even though I won’t be buying for a few years) and the differences between 15 and 30 year mortgages surprised me. I realized that you obviously paid a lot less interest, but I hadn’t realized that the difference in interest rate is nearly 1% right now (because a 30-yr mortgage carries more risk for the lender).

I’m also watching Amber’s journey as she prepares for her wedding. I need to put a notebook together with all of her good tips so I can use them when I get married in a few years. She seems to be sticking to her wedding budget so far by being hard-nosed with those unwilling to meet her budgetary restraints.

If you have posted an article that you think would interest my readers, feel free to submit it via the contact form and I’ll take a look and possibly post it next week.