Each Sunday I gather up some of the best articles I’ve found online that I think you’ll be interested in. There are probably about 500 personal finance blogs, so we simply can’t read them all. So if you’re looking to catch some of the best, check these out. There are tons of other great articles out there, but I unfortunately can’t write about them all.

Eyes on the Dollar – Buying Our First Rental Property
Kim and her husband just purchased their first rental property and she’s going to be blogging about the process throughout. They have some repairs to do to the place, but overall it’s in pretty good shape. I think they made the right choice to let a property manager manage the property for them.

Barbara Friedberg – What not to do with your Investments Now
If you’ve been following the markets then you probably know that they’ve been doing well recently. Some worry that now is the time to sell because “investments have to go down.” In my opinion, the markets don’t seem to be at an unsustainable high at all. Barbara will walk you through some of the decision process about what you should be doing right now.

My Family Finances – Baby Boomers vs. Millennials
We’ve all heard it. Kids these days are lazy. But when it comes to finances, it doesn’t seem to be the case. John looks at some of the key areas of personal finance and finds that millennials are beyond where their parents (baby boomers) were.

Club Thrifty – Combining Finances
Greg and Holly each wrote an article on combining finances. Greg believes that the real reason couples choose not to combine finances is because “they don’t want to tell themselves “no” to anything – and they don’t want anybody else to tell them no either.” I think I have to agree with Greg on that one. I also agree with Holly, that marriage is a partnership in every sense of the word. Definitely check out both of these articles.

Here are some other great posts to check out…

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Funny about Money – What I’d Want to Do If I Still Had Time to Grow Up

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