Plastic JungleOver the years I’ve been accumulating a bunch of gift cards. So…I was watching the Grammys, and I decided that it was time to sell the gift cards I’ve had sitting around. Don’t ask me how gift cards and the Grammys are connected. Anyways… I went to my room and grabbed my stack of gift cards. I then headed over the Plastic Jungle. If you’re not familiar with Plastic Jungle, it’s a website where you can buy a sell gift cards. Plastic Jungle estimates that Americans have $30B in unused gift cards sitting around in their sock drawer. I took out my stack and found out I had $600 worth of gift cards. I put each one into Plastic Jungle and it turns out they’re going to give me $528 for them all.

When you go to sell your gift cards, you’re given the option of being paid in cash, or in Amazon gift cards. I chose Amazon for mine because they pay out more by Amazon. That means I’m going to have a lot of $$$ to spend on Amazon soon.

Plastic Jungle is not only a great place to sell gift cards, but you can also get some great deals buying gift cards. Right now they have 9% off on Starbucks gift cards (12% off if you want one of the $500 ones) and some stores have over 15% off. I remember when I looked at Plastic Jungle back in December their stock of gift cards was very low (people probably buying them for Christmas). Now, everyone appears to have sold off their Christmas gift cards and they have a flood of them everywhere.

I’ll update this post on my progress. I’m going to drop my gift cards in the mail tomorrow. Hope all goes well. In the meantime, head on over and check out Plastic Jungle.