I love it when people post on my site! I actually love it so much that I wanted to encourage it more than I did in the past.

Now, when you post a comment, you’re going to have the option of displaying your most recent blog comment under your comment. This link will be nofollow and it will the title of your post as the anchor text. This is beneficial to bloggers because it is more likely to result in a reader checking out your website because it presents a specific article with a (hopefully) interesting title. All users can also display their Twitter name under their comment with a link to their twitter profile.

I definitely appreciate it when readers share my posts, so I want to reward you for helping me out! If you Google+1, Facebook Like or Tweet the post you’re posting on, you’ll be able to select from your 10 most recent blog posts when deciding which post you’d like to display. The link will be nofollow, but by having more options to choose from you can select a more interesting article that users are more likely to check out!

Finally, dedicated readers are the best! They understand where I’ve come from and where I’m going, and I really appreciate the comments that you guys leave. A community is only as good as the sum of the people within it. Thus, to reward my dedicated followers and commenters, your comment links will become DoFollow after you’ve made 15 approved comments on HTB.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this blog a great place and I’m looking forward to interacting with even more of you!