I first wrote about selling gift cards to Plastic Jungle last year. I said that I would update you on my experience, so I figure it’s time I published my Plastic Jungle review. In 2011, I sent away a few of the gift cards that I had laying around and collected a few hundred dollars. After I put the cards into PlasticJungle.com, they told me how much they’d give me for my gift cards. I accepted their offer, printed the redemption forms, and send in my gift cards. The entire process took about three weeks from when I sent the cards to when I had the cash in my hand from the sale. It was pretty easy to follow their instructions and having the cash definitely beat having those gift cards I was never going to use.

Now, I’ve decided to use Plastic Jungle in the other direction. In 2012 I’ve started to use Plastic Jungle to purchase gift cards to save money. However, you have to be careful. We’ve all spent money on things we didn’t need simply because we already had a gift card for it. This is why I think that you should only purchase gift cards from Plastic Jungle for merchants that you know you’ll spend money at anyways. For me, two of these merchants are Starbucks and Ticketmaster.

Plastic Jungle Review

On April 4, 2012, I purchased $300 in Ticketmaster gift cards and $500 in Starbucks gift cards. They happened to have a ton of both gift cards when I was on, which is rare, so I figured I’d stock up. Both merchants are in fairly high demand, which is why my discount was only 7 and 8%. However, I knew I was going to spend the money at these merchants, so 7-8% is better than nothing! After ordering the gift cards my credit card was charged and the waiting game started. However, this was a game that didn’t last long. I received my Ticketmaster gift cards on April 9th, which is just five days after purchasing them. This was much quicker than I expected. I received the Starbucks gift cards on April 12th, just over a week after ordering. Because they ship the tickets via first class mail, there’s no tracking like you might get with UPS. However, they do have limited tracking based on the mail piece item. Plastic Jungle is able to tell you when your gift cards were scanned by your local post office. For me, the tracking showed “scanned in your zip code” the morning they were delivered.

Plastic Jungle Review Rating
Plastic Jungle Review
The entire process was easy and seamless. From ordering the gift cards to receiving them in the mail I had no issues. I confirmed the value of the gift cards I received by checking online. Now, as long as nothing fishy happens (like the gift cards get cancelled or something), then we should be good. I wish Plastic Jungle offered better tracking through UPS or FedEx, especially for high-value purchases, but I completely understand why they don’t. I absolutely recommend Plastic Jungle for anybody who is looking to save extra money on merchants they shop frequently.