I’m down $1,000 in net worth over the past two months. Obviously that’s not the direction I’d like to be heading, but occasionally you have those months where you spend big and you just have to be able to get right back on track. During the month I purchases components to rebuild a failing desktop computer (about $800) and new equipment to play roller hockey again ($500). I also had some lingering purchases from the recent move. It also didn’t help that my Roth IRA dropped about $1.5k for the month (a pretty significant drop).

May 2012 Personal Balance Sheet

This next month I am going to Italy for two weeks. While I’ve saved the money to pay for the trip, this will also put a dent in my cash so we’ll see how it goes over the next month. Definitely want to improve my net worth over the next month (don’t want another drop). It’s interesting to note that in August 2011 I also had a similar two-month drop in net worth, also not helped by a significant drop in my stock portfolio.