March was a busy month. I sold a portion of my online business (nothing related to this website), which means I’ll be getting a chunk of money in April that will definitely help me reach my goals for the year. The stock market did well during March, which also helped my bottom line even though our expenses have been running a bit high with the wedding and other purchases.

We’ve managed to make great progress toward our goals this year. To be on track with a goal we need to be at least 25% done with the goal at this point and we’re there for the goals that we care about. The travel goal is really incidental to our Wedding fund since it covers our honeymoon and we already paid $4.5k of our honeymoon expenses (and we expect about $1-1.5k more, but we can just cash-flow this at the time so it’s by far the least important savings goal.

Personal Balance Sheet March 2013

My weight is basically back to where I started at for the year. However, during March, I shattered my workout goal, working out a total of FIFTEEN TIMES! That’s an average of every-other day! I can definitely feel the progress I’m making with increased muscle, but that didn’t help me reach my weight goals.

With a lot of things happening in March, I managed to write about the trends in two major markets, so make sure you check those out if you haven’t. Check out 2013 real estate trends and predictions, as well as my thoughts on the stock market reaching new highs.