2013 is off to an absolutely fantastic start from a financial standpoint. We contributed to all of our necessary goals and our net worth took a nice jump up and $100k in assets by the end of this year looks entirely possible (although this isn’t a specific goal). I was really busy at work during the month, which made is easy not to spend money (and thus, save it). Here’s my balance sheet for January 2013:

2013 balance sheet

Unfortunately, my health progress wasn’t quite as good as expected. For the first two weeks of the month my progress had been going as expected. But my grandmother tragically passed away in an accident in the middle of January which made it difficult for me to stick to my health goals. On top of that, work picked up even more and most days I was leaving the house at 5:30am to getting home at 7pm. However, even with all of this, I was able to lose 4 lbs during the year, which I consider to be a success considering I probably gained 5 pounds during the same month last year because healthy food just doesn’t sound good when you’re working long hours and you’re stressed to the max. As promised, I’m going to post my weight chart as tracked on my Withing WiFi Body Scale. I only made it to the gym twice this month. Obviously nowhere close to the twelve I wanted, but I think I can give myself somewhat of a pass on this month. It’s been a long one. Looking for a fairly solid showing in February (at least 5 lbs) and then things will probably really start cranking in March.

My blog progress was the worst of all. I came nowhere near making my goal of at least three posts with one review. I made only one post during the month. I’ll be aiming to update the blog a lot more often in February.