April was a great month financially since we received most of the cash for selling my websites. That means we were able to pile a chunk of cash onto our various savings goals, which in turn, led me to look at houses more — not that I’m really that much closer to being able to afford one. But it definitely let me to look at how much house we can afford.

I think our balance sheet pretty much speaks for itself at this point, so here it is:

personal balance sheet april 2013

Our net worth is up significantly from a year ago and I’m really looking forward to busting through the $100k mark this year. Our investments were responsible for about $1k in our increased net worth (once you take out our contribution), with the rest mostly coming from the sale of websites (after taxes — which currently show as a liability) and just normal savings from our incomes.

I also removed the $2k travel savings goal from the widget just because that savings was meant for our honeymoon, which has been paid for, but also overlaps with the wedding savings/spending, so it really didn’t make sense to have it sitting on there.

My personal of losing weight also saw good results during April. The good news is that I am down 5 pounds from March 31st (and for the year). The bad news is that I am basically where I was on January 11th. However, I have to keep reminding myself that that’s just the weight. And while my goal is quantified in pounds, its the overall health the truly matters and I look and feel better today than I did on January 11th because I’ve been exercising a significant amount. I exercised a total of sixteen times in April (compared to two in January).