I finally married the love of my life in July and I’ve been wanting to do this wedding budget recap but I’ve been slacking. So finally, here it is. I first wrote about our runaway wedding budget back in our initial stages of wedding planning almost a year ago. And boy, did that thing run away! We went from an initial (hopeful) estimate of $12k, which we soon realized wasn’t going to be possible for what we wanted. We worked through our budget with more realistic numbers for what we, and our parents, envisioned and ultimately settled on a budget of approximately $28,000 for the wedding itself and an additional $5,000 for the honeymoon. It was absolutely an expensive day, but it was exactly what we wanted. I don’t regret any of it, since it was all part of the most amazing experience. We took a year to craft every detail of the wedding to be exactly what we wanted and it turned out even better than anticipated. Here are some quick pictures to give you a feel for the wedding.

Wedding Chalkboard Pick a Seat Not a Side

Wedding Chalkboard – Pick a Seat Not a Side

DIY Wedding Program Funny Humor

Our DIY Wedding Program

Wedding Bridesmaids Different Colored Shoes

Bridesmaid Shoes

Wedding Seating Assignment Your Glass For The Night Whatever Tastes Right

Our Wedding Seating Assignment – “Your Glass For The Night For Whatever Tastes Right”

But this is a personal finance blog, not a wedding blog, so it’s really all about the numbers. Obviously, this was a huge chunk of money to spend for one day and it absolutely could have come in handy when we purchased our house recently (more on that to come). But if I were to do it again, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Our wedding was a celebration of our future life together.

For those who are interested, here is the complete breakdown of the numbers. As you’ll see, this total budget includes our Jamaican honeymoon.

Wedding Budget $34,000 wedding including honeymoon

The Final Results of our Wedding Budget