If you’re like me, you probably receive at least a few credit card offers every week. Two major reasons these offers suck:
1. Most of us don’t need more credit. We just need to use it less.
2. Millions of trees are being wasted to send these offers that nobody wants or needs.

Now, I’m not talking about legitimate communication from your current credit cards. I’m talking about that junk that lets us know we’ve been “pre-approved” for a new credit card…yay. The credit card companies gather your information from places like the credit bureaus, and then if you meet the criteria you’ll receive this junk in your mailbox.

Luckily, you can opt-out of this prescreening system. Opting out will eliminate the offers you receive in the mail, but it won’t harm your ability to get a credit card at all. You can easily sign up for a new card at any time online (although you probably don’t need another card). You can opt-out by going to https://www.optoutprescreen.com and entering your information. This website is endorsed by The FTC. Once you opt-out, you won’t receive credit card offers from companies relying on lists from the credit bureaus. Unfortunately, this won’t eliminate all offers, since there are other lists that companies use. I just signed up to be opted-out. I will now reduce the time I waste shredding the offers, while saving some trees.