It’s fun to check up on everyone’s New Years resolutions. In particular, I’ve been enjoying reading those of other personal finance bloggers. Below are some of my favorites I’ve checked out thus far.

Girl with the Red Balloon (Link no longer available because the blog has shut down)

Girl with the Red Balloon has decided to declare a war on frivolous spending. She’s much too extreme for my blood, but I absolutely envy her ability to pull it off. It will be a good one worth checking up on throughout the year to see how she progressed.

Consumerism Commentary

Flexo seems to be making big things happen financially. No…I’m not jealous…What are you talking about??…I swear…

Blonde & Balanced

Amber is making a number of financial and personal goals. Among those personal goals…getting married. She’s hoping to stick under her $20k wedding budget. (Maybe I won’t be getting married anytime soon…)

Financial Samurai

Sam is making a number of resolutions, including many which are related to enjoying life and improving his hobbies.

Let’s see how well everyone does. If you have posted your own resolutions online, feel free to post a link to them in the comments below.