I decided to try something new. I’ve honestly never really made an income or cash flow statement. So this month, I decided I’d make one. It’s a great way to see where your money is coming from and going to. Making one allows you to really evaluate your progress over the last month. However, I really didn’t want to make a normal boring one, so I decided to make a graphical income statement. I think it’s a nifty overlook of my finances for the month, without having to do a bunch of math.Let me know what you think.

My January 2011 Personal Income Statement

Now I need to give ol’ Sallie Mae a piece of that leftover money. And no, my Comcast isn’t costing me $170/mo. Somehow the direct debit didn’t take out money for a bill, so I had to pay for two months this month. My internet income was pretty solid this month (and a little higher than normal). I doubt it will be as high next month.