There are two dates related to credit cards that you have to worry about: the statement date and the due date. Did you know that, with most credit card companies, you can change these dates? Depending on your goals and your current financial situation, there could be benefits to having particular dates. It makes your finances easier when you can align your credit card due dates and I’ve even found it beneficial when working to earn my Southwest Companion Pass.

I have a lot of accounts, so I am always looking for ways to simplify my finances. One thing that I’m doing right now is aligning my credit card statement dates. I care most about the day the statement is generated, as opposed to when the payment is due. This is because I prefer to pay off most of any balance on my credit cards before a statement is generated to keep my credit utilization lower. I also highly recommend setting up autopayment for all of your credit card accounts so that you never run the risk of paying a credit card late!

I would much prefer to handle my banking online rather than need to call up and talk to an actual human, so I first pursued changing my statements with each credit card issuer online.

Change Chase Credit Card Due Date

Chase will allow you to easily change your statement due date online. First, log in and click on the credit card you’d like to change the statement date for. Then click on “More…” and under Update Settings & Preferences you’ll want to select “Payment due date.” Chase will then give you a warning about when the change will take effect and on the next page, you will be able to select your preferred due date.

Chase Change Card Due Date

Change American Express Credit Card Due Date

You can change your due date online by logging in to your American Express account and navigating to the card you’re interested in changing. You’ll find the “Change Monthly Payment Due Date” link under Useful Links on the Payments tab.

Amex Change Statement Date

If the “Change Monthly Payment Due Date” isn’t showing up for you, it’s likely that you haven’t yet set up a bank account to make online payments from. Once you set up a bank account you should see the option.

Change Citi Credit Card Due Date

Citi seems to continuously be changing around where the Change Payment Due Date option is located, so I recommend simply logging in to and searching “change due” and you will be able to select “Change Payment Due Date” and Citi will take you to the right spot.


Barclays – Navigate to the Services tab and locate “Change Payment Due Date”

Discover – Under Activity & Payments, select “Change Payment Due Date”

CapitalOne – You will find the option to “Change Payment Due Date” under the Services tab.

Wells Fargo – Navigate to the Manage Your Money section where you’ll find the option to Change Your Payment Due Date

Unfortunately, some credit card companies won’t let you change your due date online, such as Bank of America.

Typically the changes will take place in a future billing cycle so it’s not a way for you to delay your current payment if you’re having some cash issues. The process of changing your statement date or due date is meant to help you better time your payments, with many people choosing to sync their due date with their paycheck.