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How Much House Can I Afford?

Home ownership is definitely something that’s in my long-term plan, but I haven’t quite figured out where it fits in. One important aspect of determine when I will buy a house, is determining how much house I can...

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Is 2013 the Year to Buy a House?

If you’re currently renting then it’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself. Is 2013 the year to buy a house? Purchasing a home is probably the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make, so...

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Renting vs. Buying a Home

When you’re young, you should start by renting. Quickly save up a down payment and buy a house once you have enough for a down payment. This keeps you from throwing away your hard earned money. This is the traditional...

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Housing Not Bottoming Until 2012?

Earlier this year I posted my opinion that we’d see a double-dip in real estate in 2011. Unfortunately, for those who currently own a home and are looking to move, this appears to be the case. On May 8th, 2011, Zillow...

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Double-Dip In Real Estate Coming

Real Estate obviously impacts so many people. For most people, their home is their largest asset (assuming they aren’t under water). In recent years, the home even became the “retirement fund” for some. As you...

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I’m Will, the creator of HackingTheBank. No, this site isn’t about actually hacking banks. This blog is all about maximizing personal finance decisions so that we win instead of the banks.

I started this blog in 2010 when I graduated college with $43k of student loans and a negative net worth. Since then I’ve achieved milestones like getting married, buying a house, and tripling my income. During this time my wife and I managed to earn over 12,000,000 miles and points and used those points to travel to over 50 countries. And all of these points came from banks; neither of us travel for work.