After making no progress between July and August, it was nice to make a big jump in net worth for the month of September. Overall, my assets remained the same (darn investments!) but I decreased the balance of my student loan by $5k! It feels great to have the balance of my loans under $10k. Below you can see a good breakdown of my quarterly progress. Exactly one year ago I had the same amount of assets, but I had a whopping $50k in debt. I’ve decreased my debt by $40k since then and increased my net worth by $40k. I can’t lie, I’m very proud (and surprised) of the progress I’ve made. This month I surpassed my goal of $20k net worth by the end of the year.

For me, nothing is as motivating as looking at the progress I’ve made. Recently I’ve had the itch to get myself a new car, but looking at these numbers really puts things in perspective. Getting a car right now would just erased so much of the progress that I’m so proud of. If you’re serious about your finances, and haven’t yet started to make a monthly balance sheet to track and see your progress, I strongly urge you to do so.
Personal Balance Sheet September 2011