I haven’t been making as many posts recently as I’d like because I’ve been swamped at work. Now things are calming down and I should return to posting more often. However, I couldn’t let the end of the month pass without updating my balance sheet. Tracking my balance sheet motivates me and keeps me going in the right direction. This month’s is probably the most motivating. In one month my net worth increased nearly $7,000! This was mostly fueled by a bonus I received at work for passing all of my CPA exams. Right now I’m stockpiling the cash to give myself more of a buffer, but soon, a chunk of my cash will go toward my student loan. I’m getting quite close to my a number of my goals for the year. At the beginning of the year I started with a -$4,000 net worth, and now I’m sitting above $16k. That’s well within reach of my goal of $20k net worth by year-end. In June I set myself the goal of being completely debt-free by the end of the year. While I haven’t much much progress there, I have increased my cash significantly, which will eventually go to the loan. I think I am on track to make it to freedom by the end of the year! And if i don’t make it, I will at least be debt free by March 2012! So, without further commentary, check out my balance sheet below.

July 2011 Personal Balance Sheet