Nothing too exciting happened during the month of February. I made good progress toward my goals and managed to hit the ones that I had missed last week. I guess that’s how you win in personal finance. A lot of small decisions all going in the right direction lead to smooth sailing. It makes good financial sense, but doesn’t lead to entertaining blogging.

I increased my savings all around, and I’m now ahead of schedule on a few of my goals, which will allow me later to save toward a house (or more for the wedding). I’ve now saved 30% of the amount I wanted to save during the year toward a car, and my wedding/honeymoon and Roth IRA savings are around 20% right now, which is also ahead of schedule. Side business income wasn’t quite as high as I would hope, ending up a little over $500 profit for the month. I’m hoping to really kick that into gear in the coming months. Net worth up a little over $36k over the past year. It helps me to look at numbers like that because it’s clear that I’ve made significant progress.

Personal Balance Sheet February 2012

I did a lot better in the blog department this month over last month. I surpassed my 5-post goal, and did so with what I consider to be some quality posts. I alerted readers about the great $300 cash back deal offered for Chase Freedom right now and did some research about the connection between used car prices and previous new car sales. I also posted a couple of posts about selling your car on Craigslist, and the companion guide for formatting your Craigslist car posting. I absolutely want to continue on this trend and really post some good stuff.

I’m down a total of 12 lbs now, so that’s 2 down from the end of Jan. Of course I’d love to have made more progress, but at this point I’m just happy I didn’t put back on some of the weight. February was a tough month at work. When I’m working long hours at work, I definitely eat less healthy. I would have been perfectly satisfied with staying the same weight, so I’ll consider it a bonus that I lost 2 lbs.

Overall, everything is chugging along as hoped for. Nothing exciting (which I’ll consider a good thing at this point). Hopefully this progress is sustained going forward.