Author: Will

Personal Balance Sheet – January 2013

2013 is off to an absolutely fantastic start from a financial standpoint. We contributed to all of our necessary goals and our net worth took a nice jump up and $100k in assets by the end of this year looks entirely possible...

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Investing Doesn’t Need to be Complex

We all know that investing over time is the key to obtaining the wealth that we desire. Without investing in some form, dollars stuck under our mattress are eaten away by inflation, and we have to save at least $1 today for...

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Our 2013 Personal Finance Goals

I was able to reach most of my personal finance goals last year, and I’m expecting big things again in 2013. My blog and personal goals didn’t go quite as well. Hopefully this year I can do a more well-rounded job of...

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Personal Balance Sheet – December 2012

Unfortunately I didn’t quite double my net worth since the start of 2012, but I came mighty close. And it was still a great year over all! There isn’t a whole lot to say about my balance sheets since I covered most...

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Evaluating my 2012 Progress

A goal really doesn’t mean much if you don’t measure yourself against it. I think that this is what often differentiates those “New Year’s Resolutions” from real goals. So in my traditional fashion,...

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I’m Will, the creator of HackingTheBank. No, this site isn’t about actually hacking banks. This blog is all about maximizing personal finance decisions so that we win instead of the banks.

I started this blog in 2010 when I graduated college with $43k of student loans and a negative net worth. Since then I’ve achieved milestones like getting married, buying a house, and tripling my income. During this time my wife and I managed to earn over 12,000,000 miles and points and used those points to travel to over 50 countries. And all of these points came from banks; neither of us travel for work.