I usually don’t use my blog to post daily deals or anything because, frankly, there are plenty of sites that do that and they do it better. If you want daily deals, I highly recommend Slickdeals or Fatwallet. However, sometimes there is a deal that I think is just too good not to tell you about.

As you might know, Amazon has invested in LivingSocial. However, that isn’t keeping it from opening its own AmazonLocal Daily Deals site. It just makes sense. Most people already have an Amazon account, so why not get the benefits of Amazon, combined with the typical local daily deals offers? To promote its local site, AmazonLocal is offering $10 Amazon.com gift cards for $5. They did this before on LivingSocial and it’s basically like getting $5 free (since I consider Amazon gift cards to be the equivalent of Cash, unlike some other gift cards). Click here to buy your $10 Amazon gift card for $5.

AmazonLocal - Amazon Local Gift Card Deal