Personal Balance Sheet – April 2013

April was a great month financially since we received most of the cash for selling my websites. That means we were able to pile a chunk of cash onto our various savings goals, which in turn, led me to look at houses more — not that I’m really that much closer to being able to afford one. But it definitely let me to look at how much house we can afford.

I think our balance sheet pretty much speaks for itself at this point, so here it is:

personal balance sheet april 2013

Our net worth is up significantly from a year ago and I’m really looking forward to busting through the $100k mark this year. Our investments were responsible for about $1k in our increased net worth (once you take out our contribution), with the rest mostly coming from the sale of websites (after taxes — which currently show as a liability) and just normal savings from our incomes.

I also removed the $2k travel savings goal from the widget just because that savings was meant for our honeymoon, which has been paid for, but also overlaps with the wedding savings/spending, so it really didn’t make sense to have it sitting on there.

My personal of losing weight also saw good results during April. The good news is that I am down 5 pounds from March 31st (and for the year). The bad news is that I am basically where I was on January 11th. However, I have to keep reminding myself that that’s just the weight. And while my goal is quantified in pounds, its the overall health the truly matters and I look and feel better today than I did on January 11th because I’ve been exercising a significant amount. I exercised a total of sixteen times in April (compared to two in January).

Personal Balance Sheet – March 2013

March was a busy month. I sold a portion of my online business (nothing related to this website), which means I’ll be getting a chunk of money in April that will definitely help me reach my goals for the year. The stock market did well during March, which also helped my bottom line even though our expenses have been running a bit high with the wedding and other purchases.

We’ve managed to make great progress toward our goals this year. To be on track with a goal we need to be at least 25% done with the goal at this point and we’re there for the goals that we care about. The travel goal is really incidental to our Wedding fund since it covers our honeymoon and we already paid $4.5k of our honeymoon expenses (and we expect about $1-1.5k more, but we can just cash-flow this at the time so it’s by far the least important savings goal.

Personal Balance Sheet March 2013

My weight is basically back to where I started at for the year. However, during March, I shattered my workout goal, working out a total of FIFTEEN TIMES! That’s an average of every-other day! I can definitely feel the progress I’m making with increased muscle, but that didn’t help me reach my weight goals.

With a lot of things happening in March, I managed to write about the trends in two major markets, so make sure you check those out if you haven’t. Check out 2013 real estate trends and predictions, as well as my thoughts on the stock market reaching new highs.

Personal Balance Sheet – February 2013

Things didn’t turn out as well in February as they did in January, largely because I owed almost $5k in taxes and had previously anticipated/saved only $1.5k. This is the reason our net worth remained flat, yet we were able to continue to contribute to our goals.

Personal Balance Sheet Feb 2013

During February my weight loss didn’t progress at all how I’d hoped. However, the positive side is that I am definitely working out more now than I was in January. I went to the gym eight times during the month and I am contemplating signing up for a 5K in May to give me a definitive goal. Also, if you’ll notice below, I didn’t weight myself as much in February as I did in January. I think this allowed me to be less accountable. In March I’ll definitely be weighing myself more frequently.

I failed again at my blog goals. I really need to make posting a priority. I love this blog, yet something “always comes up.” I need to make sure that its priority on my list of “things to do” reflects how much I enjoy writing here.

Pretty quick update, but mostly because I’m reporting on a number of failings, and I don’t like to dwell on them. I’d rather spend time working to correct them. Talk to you soon!