Personal Balance Sheet – February 2013

Things didn’t turn out as well in February as they did in January, largely because I owed almost $5k in taxes and had previously anticipated/saved only $1.5k. This is the reason our net worth remained flat, yet we were able to continue to contribute to our goals.

Personal Balance Sheet Feb 2013

During February my weight loss didn’t progress at all how I’d hoped. However, the positive side is that I am definitely working out more now than I was in January. I went to the gym eight times during the month and I am contemplating signing up for a 5K in May to give me a definitive goal. Also, if you’ll notice below, I didn’t weight myself as much in February as I did in January. I think this allowed me to be less accountable. In March I’ll definitely be weighing myself more frequently.

I failed again at my blog goals. I really need to make posting a priority. I love this blog, yet something “always comes up.” I need to make sure that its priority on my list of “things to do” reflects how much I enjoy writing here.

Pretty quick update, but mostly because I’m reporting on a number of failings, and I don’t like to dwell on them. I’d rather spend time working to correct them. Talk to you soon!

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  1. Fred says:

    Compared to my down months this is pretty good! Quick question where do you get your sidebar widget showing progress towards your goals?

  2. Mavrick says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful inomioatrfn.

  3. I recently came across “Anonymous” and realized how much I long to hear Dunk sing “Blessed are the Tears.” I would like to buy the cd…where can I get a copy?In Christ,Troy H.

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